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Just some problems and solutions, really

— Layla Melo

Hi there! My name is Layla Melo, brazilian living in Stockholm, and I am truly excited to share a little bit of my work with you. Some call this a portfolio, but I honestly believe this is just an invitation for you to grab a sit while scrolling down some problems and solutions, while I hope that was enough to spark a more meaningful conversation between us after all, dear reader. Make no mistake: what is here was done with lots of dedication and love, because after all we do spend most of the hours of our day doing what we are paid to do – and if you somewhat succeeded in anything related to that, I’m sure you made it will all your heart.

Most people don’t know, but I’ll tell you a secret: I absolutely love to parachute jump in my leisure time and feel that sensation of going into the unknown alongside the closest experience of flying you can ever get. Coffee is my fuel for the everyday life and my lifelong passion that will never go away, and pink is the color that makes me smile. One of my dreams became unexpectedly true  earlier this year – the dream of living abroad and experiencing different cultures in the most powerful way there is. I hope I get the chance of contributing to what you do through most of the hours of your day, and hopefully making it funnier and with more solutions!

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